Sophie's Gourmet Hawaiian Pizzeria

Sophie’s Gourmet Hawaiian Pizzeria is unlike any other pizza in Hawaii.  Our artisan pizzas are thin with a blistered crust, the way it should be. Our dough and sauces are made from scratch every day. Our cheeses go way beyond mozzarella. And our toppings consist of only the freshest and finest premium ingredients. We're all about quality, not quantity. We offer the kind of toppings you won’t find at any other pizza joint on the island.
And the fun part is, you design your own pie. You pick your dough, your sauce, your cheese and your toppings. Next, we slide your masterpiece onto the rotating stone floor of our revolutionary handcrafted, Italian-made “Pompeii” style brick oven–the first of its kind in the state! And from there it’s baked to bubbly, onolicious perfection in mere minutes. You’ll love it, because you made it!  And, if you can’t decide, you can select from our masterfully crafted gourmet selection of specialty pizzas inspired by local flavors.  Enjoy your pizza hot, fresh and right out of the oven at our restaurant. You'll feel like you're eating outside in paradise, next to the ocean with the sand beneath your feet. (Well, almost.)
But who the heck is Sophie? Sophie represents the modern aloha spirit of the islands. Carefree, casual, outgoing, smart, natural, down-to-earth and fun-loving. She is part of everything we do; from the friendly way we greet you when you walk in, to the laid-back (but efficient) vibe of our restaurant, to the whacky sentiments on our to-go box.
Come in and you’ll see that we take our pizza very seriously... just not ourselves.